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Directors' Club Siemens 12 Wien
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Directors' Club Siemens 12 Wien

Three days - four locations all over Vienna. The Welcome-Dinner took place at the complete refurnished Badeschiff. The conference started at Hotel Sofitel and was completed at the Hofburg. Beside the stage DECOTIME designed and produced the whole inventory of the conference. To represent the three main topics of the conference three 3D-Statues /monoliths were invented. An enormous umbrella was created to host the gala dinner in the garden of the Palais Schönburg. In cooperation with Alvero, JMT, Kopfstand, Eventwide selected furniture was provided for Directors' Club 2012...

Location: Hotel Sofitel, Palais Schönburg, Badeschiff, Hofburg
Client: Phocus Brand Contact, Nürnberg

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